I am interested in art, and at this point especially in photography. I have had no photography education but have been taking photo's every now and then for several years now. I did spend a bit of time in artschool where I did some photography, but it wasn't my major.
I shoot on film since I have an analog camera. I initially thought that would be cheaper than getting a proper digital SLR but seeing how much film and development costs, I have come to the conclusion that it would probably pay off to get a digital one at some point. I recently got a digital camera but will still be using my nice old camera. I like shooting on film since I don't really know what I have until I get the film developed and negatives scanned which is quite exciting! I don't really edit photo's; what I shoot is what I get. I might crop a photo a bit but that's usually the only editing I do.

I just got this site and do not have much material on here yet but I am working on that. I am interested in erotic/ alternative photography, so anything out of the ordinary, erotic scenes, erotic/fetish costumes/gear but I also enjoy urban exploring. Feel free to contact me if you think we could work together. I'd like to experiment more and expand my portfolio. I would also like to try my hand at band-photography (not live shows but promotional stuff) so do contact me if you're in a band and would like to pictures taken. Since I am doing this for fun, I do not regularly charge for taking photo's; I gain experience, a fun day and some nice photo's and you get the same.